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Advent Calendar – Fluff! with Grass Jelly

Profile with TKC Staff: Grass Jelly

Name: Grass Jelly
Breed: Shiba Inu
Color: Black & Tan
Owns: Mintlodica

Street Names: JB, Jelly Boi, Jelly Roll, Sharty (don't ask unless you really want to know), Crazy, Dingdong.

Age: 9 months old.
Weight: 15 lbs smol.

Likes: To shag the fluffiest boy at the dog park, even though he is fixed. Chewing up his houseplant siblings. Saying hi to every human and every dog, and is visibly pupset when ignored. Benebones, cheese. In Cheezus He Trusts. Typing in Dog-vrak. If his thumbs weren't useless, he'd use a Tofu 60% with Box Navies and KAM Little Pilot with an entire board of EXOTIC SHIBE KEY. Clickies because he's an annoying smol boy. Tofu because he'll eat anything, including his own sh*t. Plus, he's about 60% the size of a regular Shiba Inu. Dogs are great!

Bork bork

A reminder that his doge mom is streaming live on Twitch tonight! December 14th, 7pm ET (UTC -5:00). Follow for a notification.