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Kiwi Replacement Update - May 17th

As of May 11, Kiwi Switches have completed production and are now en route to TKC. We have been keeping an eye on the tracking provided by JWK and at the time of this update, the Kiwi replacement switches have not arrived in the US just yet.

Starting Tuesday, May 18, we will begin emailing replacement order invoices to customers who have purchased Kiwi switches between 2/16/2021 - 4/2/2021.

This email will be sent in batches and in chronological order. The purpose is to confirm both your current mailing address and the correct number of switches for your replacement order.

Given the volume of original orders, please be aware that the Kiwi replacement process will take up to several weeks to fulfill. We appreciate your patience!

Couple of things to note:

  • The title of the replacement order email you are receiving will be Kiwi Switches Replacement - Invoice #
  • We will announce on Discord + Twitter on a regular basis that replacement order emails have been sent out relative to the original order dates. (Example: Replacement order emails for all orders placed by XYZ date have been sent out!)
  • If you haven't received your replacement order email and your original order date was announced, please be sure to check your spam folder.

Example of how the email will look in your inbox 

Example of what the checkout page will look like after pressing "Complete Your Purchase". If you need to change your email or shipping address, please click "Change" to do so (red rectangle).