August 2021 Product Updates

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Hi everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful summer so far. Below are the notable updates for our open pre-orders. If a pre-order isn't listed, that means that there have been no significant updates since the last update. (Find previous updates on our Product Updates page!)

IFK Cabernet

Color matching has been completed! Cabernet is now in production. We've gone through multiple iterations of this set, and we've finally landed on something we're happy with. Check out the pre-production unit below!

Once production is complete, these sets will be air shipped to our warehouse. We expect fulfillment to be in late September or early October.

GMK Black Lotus & GMK Lunar

GMK has delayed many of their sets until later this year due to materials shortages. Unfortunately, Black Lotus and Lunar were impacted by this delay. We're still unsure when these will actually be fulfilled, as GMK has not given us a new estimate. Our guess is that these sets will not be ready until November or December, but we do not know for sure. We'll continue to request an updated fulfillment date from them over the following weeks.

IFK Marshmallow

We sent an additional prototype to the designer to do a final pass on the design. Production is now expected to start late this month! We're still deciding how to transport this set to the US, but as of now, we expect Marshmallow to be fulfilled in late October.

IFK Dark Cyrillic

Dark Cyrillic keysets and fix kits are in production! When production is complete, we will airship these kits to our warehouse for faster fulfillment. We now estimate that fulfillment will be in late September.

IFK Team Liquid

IFK Team Liquid has completed production and is being transported to our warehouse on the next container ship. We expect this container to arrive at our warehouse in late September, though this may change due to COVID-19 related port congestion. We'll keep you all updated on the progress of this container ship over the following months!

JTK Night Sakura + Deskmats

Night Sakura deskmats are being re-produced to better match the renders. In the original run, the background flower decals were too prominent. Additionally, JTK Night Sakura keycap sets are now in production. We have not received updated estimates for both the deskmats and the keycaps, but we will continue to request updates from the respective factories.

M0lly Polycarbonate Keyboard

The M0lly Polycarbonate Keyboards are on the next available container ship. We expect that container to arrive at our warehouse in late September, though this expectation may change over the coming weeks. COVID-19 continues to cause port congestion and logistical delays both in China and in US ports.

Banana Split Switches

Our latest batch of Banana Split switches has departed China by air and should arrive at our warehouse sometime in the next few weeks. Our fulfillment center is preparing now so that we can ship them out to customers as fast as possible. We still expect pre-orders to be fulfilled in late August! 

Seattle Container Ship Products

IFK Comfy, IFK Morse, Morse Deskmat, Plant Arcana Deskmat, Samoyed Deskmat, Monochrome Deskmat, Mech Mat

The container holding these products has been unloaded from the container ship in Seattle, but has not been loaded onto transport to our warehouse due to port congestion. We're working on alternative options for getting these products to our warehouse. We're unsure when they'll move from the port, but we're hopeful that it will be soon.

Artist Deskmats

Nature Witch, Cabernet, Marshmallow, Cat Cafe, Juice Mats, Catsup Waves, Lunar Deskmats

These deskmats have completed production and are waiting to be transported to our warehouse. We're now waiting for the deskmat factory to provide an estimate of when they can be transported.


Please note that if you purchased multiple pre-order products in the same order, your order will not be shipped until all pre-order products are ready to ship!

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