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Behind the Design: Aesthetic Series Vol. 1

Technology is so fast paced and engrained in today's world, it's hard to remember when we didn't carry around computers in our pocket. There was a time, before Fortnite, joy was found in loading up a game of The Oregon Trail.

Beepers were a true symbol of status. And getting on the internet was a whole ordeal that used telephone lines.

Going outside to play was the standard, and TGIF wasn't a restaurant but 2 hours of Friday night, prime time television. 

The 90's truly were bliss. 

The memories, and the nostalgia of growing up during the 90's is the inspiration for Astral Grave's artwork. Encouraged by his parents, he learned to draw at a young age, and practiced by drawing his interests at the time. Anime was new and exciting, music was funky and colorful, and digital imagery was starting to emerge. 

As an adult Julian, a.k.a Astral Grave, has expanded his artistry into digital art, illustrations and designing. He incorporates the feelings and imagery from his youth to create new age designs that bridge the gap between nostalgic 90's and more modern styles. 


The Aesthetic Series is the first collection of his work that he's excited to bring forward in the form of deskmats. There are 5 different designs: CityPop, New Message, 745, Let's Play, and Destination. Each design is different but feature a strong female character done in Anime style. 

If you like these designs and want to see more we encourage you to check out or check out Julian on Instagram @saintjulianxv . We're excited to partner with him, and can't wait to see more designs in the future. 

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