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Behind the Design: Banana Split Deskmat

Most people enjoy food. Some people even think of food as a form of art. Then there's DaLunny, who takes food as art to a whole new level. 
A few years ago DaLunny was able to get his hand on some of the original Banana Split switches. He loved the color combination of the creamy pink and purple topped with the bright yellow. The sticker on top of the switch container inspired him to go out and purchase the actual ingredients to make a banana split. 
DaLunny had always dabbled in illustrations, and moved his craft digitally into Illustrator. With his banana split treat in front of him, he sketched out his version made of switches. He matched the browns to the chocolate ice cream, and the pink to strawberry. Covered in fudge and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles his creation was born. 
Originally this design was a reflective sticker that looked like a floating banana split, but when he applied this design to a deskmat, he added in the gradient color and patterned background. His goal was a fun colorful design to brighten your work space.
We encourage you to check out DaLunny's other work and products on his website or follow him on Instagram @miromidia_studios. Don't forget to pick up your Banana Split deskmat before they've melted away!