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As some of you may know, the national flower of Japan is the cherry blossom—more formally called, "sakura." Sakura represents a time of renewal and optimism, signifying the arrival of spring. The blooming of the sakura symbolizes human mortality for many Japanese people.
Japan has given many countries Cherry Trees as a gift of friendship, including the US in 1912. These trees still line the streets of Washington DC and bring visitors from all over the world.
The spirit of the flowering cherry blossom is the inspiration behind Rifen's JTK Night Sakura collection.
In fact, while the name "Night Sakura" seems pretty straightforward (pink tones and cherry blossom accent keys for "sakura," dark gray scale and black keys for "night"), there is actually a singular word that encompasses the act of viewing the cherry blossom trees at night: yozakura. Lanterns light the trees, and friends and family gather beneath them to picnic, or enjoy a little sake. These small customs are reflected through the novelties. 

The pops of pink mark the ending of winter and signify the beginning of spring. The dark grays and blacks symbolize the cold winter months. Night Sakura's base kit has not only Latin legends, but hiragana sub legends as well. 
Collectively JTK Night Sakura pays homage to a Japanese tradition that can now be experienced in over 20 countries worldwide. If you've ever experienced streets lined with blossoming cherry trees, you understand how powerful and calming being surrounded by them can be.