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Black Lives Matter

Here at TKC, when a community member asks a question, we try to answer as transparently as possible.

Here’s what we’re doing to show up.

We’ve donated $1,000 to EJI, The Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit that works towards criminal justice reform and racial justice. We invite anyone who has the means to join us and support the fight for racial equality.

We’re also opening up a Group Buy for Blank Black Deskmats where all the proceeds will be donated. The Group Buy will be open until Tuesday, June 9th 11:59pm ET.

TKC will match up to another $1,000 of proceeds when the GB ends.

Continued paid opportunities for collaborators.

As always, we're open to hearing from potential collaborators for Deskmats, Keysets, Keyboards, and any mech-cessories. 

Through our Artists x TKC Deskmat Collaboration series, we’re committed to introducing new artists and styles of artwork to the community.

Interested? The best way to get in touch with us is Discord.