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Flip calendar of keyboards

Back in December, we ran a community survey as part of our Advent Calendar. Just under 200 people responded. We got lots of different answers where you talked about what sets and boards you were excited about, and also lots of similar answers about how you were looking forward to receiving your Group Buy orders.

We've summarized the common answers here 🌸 Thank you everyone for participating!

How long have you been into keyboards?

Chart: most people have been into keyboards for three years or less

There are a lot of new folks in the hobby! 30% of respondents have been into keyboards for less than a year. The exact results:

  • 30.5% – Less than a year
  • 46.7% – 1–3 years
  • 13.2% – 3–5 years
  • 9.6% – More than 5 years

What was something that surprised you this year?

Keyboard as money with wings

Among newcomers to the hobby, the amount of money they spent and how deep the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole goes was a common thread.

Other common answers include:

  • Prices
  • Community growth – many sets ran last year, and many people joined
  • How far I have fallen into it
  • Industry growth – more switches became available, different profiles gained popularity (e.g. KAT)
  • Artisans – more artisans!

What’s something you’re excited about in 2020?

Shipping box with keyboard and tangerines

There were two major themes among the answers: you're excited about upcoming sets/boards, and receiving your GB orders. Something tells us this will continue into 2020 as well.

If you could have one keyboard-related wish granted, what would it be?

There were so many wishes! Here's a bingo card. Pick which ones apply to you, and if you get bingo, you get bragging rights.

Bingo card of keyboard wishes

If you were introducing someone to keebs, how would you do it?

Ways to getting friends into keyboards

  1. Show them my collection/let them try my own (cool, awesome, clacky) keyboard. And if available, a switch tester.
  2. Introduce them to cheaper, entry-level keyboard options (e.g. a Ducky board)
  3. Make them watch Youtube videos and streams (e.g. Taeha Types)

(Psst. We're working on something to help bring your friends into keebs. Keep your eyes peeled.)

If TKC had a theme song, what would it be?

We got lots of different submissions. Some common ideas:

  • A song where keyclicks replaces something. For example: Do You Know? by Enrique Iglesias, but replace the ping pong sounds with clacking
  • Pokemon (gotta catch them all) (all the keeb stuff)
  • Careless Whisper
  • The Final Countdown (to receiving your GB order)

The author's favorite submission: Sofa Shop, but with keyboards


Thanks again to everyone for participating! Join us on Discord, if you'd like.

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