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We've updated this blog from it's original posting on 10/6/2021, to reflect V4 deskmats.

This week is pretty exciting for us here at TKC because we are fulfilling orders that contain our new and improved deskmats! We really do take customer's expectations into consideration and try to make our processes better. There have been some very valid complaints regarding our deskmats, so lets address those, and what we've done to mitigate these issues.

Deskmats v 1.0 

While our original deskmats were, at the time, of the highest quality, one of the complaints we often received was that the colors of the product didn't match the render. To mitigate this difference we have started using only photographs on our deskmat product pages. While renders are great conceptually, we understand they don't always match the end product. Some of our lighter colors also got lost when put against the black of the rubber, i.e. making our whites appear slightly grey.

Please note that while we have shifted to this new practice, we are still fulfilling past group buys that were purchased before this implementation. Before we fulfill our group buys, we send an email with final product photos and at that time offer a refund if someone is truly unhappy.

 Deskmats v 1.5

To help with color matching, we spoke to our production team and they recommended a couple of options: 

  1. High Density Cloth - HDC provides for a superior touch and allows for some of the most vibrant colors we’ve ever seen in a deskmat. 
  2. Microfiber - this material offers one of the smoothest deskmat surfaces available, providing unhindered mouse movement and extreme low friction.

These two fabrics are almost indistinguishable from each other but the reason we need both options is for better color matching, based on the design.

Deskmats v 2.0

Another valid complaint customers had was that our deskmats wouldn't lay completely flat upon arrival. So back to the production team we went. Not only did we improve the rubber backing, but we also customized a TKC tube to ship our new deskmats in. This will be the standard container for all of our new deskmats. Some designs have even reached a high enough MOQ to warrant a 'collectable' customized design tube. 


 We hope that you are as excited about these changes as we are! As we continue to improve our processes, our goal is to not only meet but exceed expectations. We have gone through our product pages and identified which version each deskmat is for clarity, and tiered our prices to reflect each version.

V4 deskmats, as of 08 July 2022:

To continue our product improvements we have upgraded deskmats from 3mm to a 4mm thickness. We continue to use the same high quality fabrics, and storage tubes. The thicker mats require a slightly larger tube, all of which are sent in a TKC box to prevent damaged tubes.

The first of this launch was Alexotos's Switch Swirl deskmat, followed by summer 2022 Clack Cat, and a new design AnarKey. All deskmats moving forward will be 4mm, so be sure to check the product details to know what version you're buying. 


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