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Donations: Children's Music Fund, Direct Relief

When we launched 808-Boom with power design team: brothers Langelandia and ThatCliff, joined forces with C.Y.O.— Our goal was advocating with the aid of the community to help bolster the Children’s Music Fund with a donation that could make change in the lives of children affected by life-altering illnesses.  We are so proud to stand by the Children’s Music Fund, as we believe in their mission of providing music therapy to help children on their journey towards a better quality of life.

The royalties for the designers for deskmats, and every Bass Kit were generously donated and we rounded up to the nearest thousand: 

$7000 was donated to the Children’s Music Fund this week.

Thank-you music fans, the TKC community, Clack Fancy for not only supporting the 808-Boom project, but sharing the work of Children’s Music Fund to bring awareness of the initiatives this incredible organization brings to kids.

Rain Deskmat Surprise Donation

Earlier this year, we launched the Artist X TKC Collaboration Deskmat series to create not just incredible, unique deskmat designs for diverse audiences— But also to help support independent artists by providing a stream of income in the form of royalties.

Infinity Key, the Designer for the Rain Series Deskmat requested that instead of receiving their royalties, they requested that we donate the amount to a COVID-19 related charity fund.

We were moved by the generosity and rounded it up to $3,000 to Direct Relief, the accredited charity helping with global efforts on Coronavirus Response and the same one the community supported through Clacker's Care.