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DSA Drifter Extras Have Arrived

The highly anticipated DSA Drifter extras have just arrived!

Thank you for all your patience and my sincerest apologies for the delays. Sometimes manufacturing just takes longer than expected and its completely out of my hands.

About 2 months ago we did a form for buyers to sign up to raffle for extras. I feel that since it has been so long we need to run it again. I will create 2 forms similar to the originals. One for GB participants and another for the general public. I will post them on the product page and on this blog post when ready. (Its already late in the day and my IRL responsibilities are about to arrive at home)

So, what is available? (In order of most plentiful to least)

  • Base w/ Drifter Alphas
  • Compatibility Kit 
  • Shorty Space Bars
  • Base w/ Multi Alphas 
  • Multi Alphas 
  • Ergodox
  • ISO 

Based on the number of requests Ive had for this set I am going to have to do a raffle and then I will reserve some on a FCFS basis on the site. The only way to know when those FCFS sets will be available is to join our mailing list or follow us on Instagram / Facebook for when we announce.