February Giveaway: Love and Friendship

February Giveaway: Love and Friendship

Posted by Melissa Guzman on

It’s that time again. And since it’s that time of year… Things are dark, cold, and things are generally a bit lethargic— So we are going to kick 2021 off with something warm, fuzzy, and fun.

Let’s share our stories about why we’re here and celebrating excitement and joy through the mechanical keyboard hobby. We want to see photo entries with a story, a video of you showing off your fave board and what made you fall in love in this space.

Are you up for the media challenge?

You could win:

  • $50 TKC Gift Card and access to coveted holdback stock (TBA)
  • $25 TKC Gift Card

What you need to include in your entry:

  • Follow the theme! (See below)
  • Something TKC related (drawn logo, products, stickers, be creative!)
  • Gotta be mechanical keyboard related
  • Photo or video
  • Your story

How to enter:

The first media challenge of 2021…. February’s entry theme is: LOVE & FRIENDSHIP

Submit your entry here.

Want some ideas to get started?

  • How did you fall in love with the hobby?
  • Did you make any friends through the hobby?
  • Did you create a special build for a friend?
  • Do you have a matching keyboard with someone special?
  • Did you introduce mechanical keyboards to your significant other?
  • What is your “endgame” and why will that be the board you love most?

Members from the TKC Crew will also be sharing their stories, stay tuned! (And yes they are automatically disqualified from winning, those prizes will be for the community.)

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