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Fruit Switch Family update

After Kiwi Kuesday, many TKC fans yearned on our social media and Discord:

  • But when will Dragonfruit come?
  • Dragonfruit when?
  • Blackberries when?
  • Any updates on when Dragonfruit switches are released?
  • I missed out on Kiwis, when will you have them?
  • Tangie restock when?

Pictured: A family photo at last, the Fruit Switches posed together in the TKC lab. PHOTO: JSON

We hear you. We try our best to manage the expectations of the TKC community as best we can… Here’s an update:

  • We only release switches when we are happy with them. This includes: the color, the functionality, performance, longevity. 
  • There is a change to the Dragonfruit Switch: they will no longer be a progressive linear. It is now a tactile switch with a smaller bump similar to an ergoclear. As it turns out, the progressive linear didn't work because there is no way to ensure the spring will be placed in the correct orientation.
  • R&D has taken much longer than anticipated due to Covid and shipping times to TKC HQ for review from the manufacturer. 
  • Expect another restock of Tangerine Switches before Dragonfruit can be considered for release. Dragonfruit is most likely going to be a 2021 release. 
  • We will only release the Dragonfruit once they have passed our testing standards.
  • Blackberries are hunky-dory.

Thanks for reading: We're grateful for the community's adoption of the Fruit Switch Family, and of course the patience and excitement you bring while we work to perfect each individual Fruit Switch!