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GMK has been paid and an update on things we are working on.

Hello again everyone.

First order of business today - GMK has been officially paid for >Terminal_! Payment was wired over last week on Thursday, 02/23. Our target timeframe of shipping out everyone's order in June is dialed in. We hope everyone is as excited as we are. Now, we wait.


Second, we've been getting a lot of questions on preorders. Yes, if you preorder Base, Ergodox, and/or Spacebars, your items are part of this upcoming shipment. Yes, every keycap is included in Base from the original GB, including novelties and VIM arrows. Yes, we are planning to ship out Preorders the same week we ship out GB orders, though again, the latter take precedence. Yes, shipping is calculated the same way as the GB - we are not padding the cost of shipping, everything is pulled real-time from the US Postal Service and is based on weight and destination. You are paying actual cost of shipping. We do not anticipate a long delay due to shipping workload as we have ample people and logistics set up. Lastly, yes, the stock is limited and the inventory set up to disable orders once all the extras have been depleted. If you're able to check out, your preorder is locked in.

What else is TKC working on now that >Terminal_ is taxiing at the gate? Glad you asked.

Here is a sneak peek of something we are beyond thrilled to announce: the TKC1800, an homage to the classic Cherry G80-1800 with a modern twist. For now, details will remain purposefully sparse, but here is a tiny preview:

  • Classic Cherry 1800 layout
  • Fully programmable PCB with ANSI/ISO and customizable bottom row support
  • PCB designed by Leeku
  • In-switch LEDs

More details to follow. Let us know what you think.

To finish off today's updates and end with a bang, here is a preview of a new keyset concept being designed in-house: Transformed. Prototype call signs A and D, these two sets are brewing in the TKC laboratory, inspired by everyone's favorite robots in disguise. 

Renders by the amazing /u/thesiscamper

Me Grimlock say we on our way! 


Thanks again for staying up to date on the adventures of TKC! Have a great weekend everyone.