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GMK >Terminal_ Shipping Update

Hey everyone! Jason (u/M1keHonch0) here. Sorry for the delay in the update; its been a crazy month for Brian (u/unclebrudy) and I. We got news about the production from GMK on Thursday afternoon just as we were preparing the IC for GMK Transformed. If you haven't seen the post on Reddit, click the link and check it out. Let us know what you think!

For anyone who missed the group buy period, we have ordered a few extra sets of GMK >Terminal_, spacebars, and N9 ErogoDOX sets. They are available at preorder price on our site while supplies last. They will ship the same weekend as the group buy orders. Sorry, cables are no longer available for order from TheKey.Company.

The Good News: Terminal is set to ship to us at the end of May. The shipment will go to Brian's lab in Los Angeles. I will be flying there from my home town, Detroit, MI, the first weekend in June to help Brian and the interns sort, pack, and ship >Terminal_ to all you fine people! We plan to have all the GB and preorders out by June 5. All of the giveaway caps from Binge are in my possession and the cables will be shipping from 90N1N3 at the end of next week. Mouse pads and stickers are in transit, as well. If you need to update your address please make sure to contact us at as soon as possible. After June 1 we will not accept further changes in address. 

The Bad News: There isn't any! 

Other Things Noteworthy: The TKC-1800 inventory is almost ready to go on sale! We have roughly 3 dozen cases in stock, PCBs are on the way from Leeku in Korea, switches have been ordered. Just waiting on a few final pieces of the puzzle. Expect an update on that in the next few weeks. The TKC1800 will be a very affordable option into the world of badass mechs. We are excited to show you this project in detail, it is unlike anything the community has seen before. 

So hold on tight, the Green Goodness that is GMK >Terminal_ will be on its way forthwith! Stay tuned for updates on the TKC-1800 and GMK Transformed. 


GMK Terminal

GMK Terminal

GMK N9 Ergodox