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Infinikey Delight & The Future of IFK

Hey Everyone!

This week, we're excited to announce the launch of Infinikey Delight our first collaboration with Hipyotech. It's a fantastic design that showcases the major strides we've made in creating incredibly-customizable PBT keycaps. Check it out here!


The Growth of Infinikey

Infinikey's journey has not been without hurdles. Our idea for Infinikey grew much bigger than our small team anticipated, and we struggled to keep up with the demand from both the community and our designers. During this time, we were also managing the demand for other products on our store front, and this caused major oversight and errors in our processes. Colors were off, alignment issues slipped through, and updates to both designers and our customers were vague.

We hear you. To remedy these issues, we've spent the last several months overhauling our processes and slowing down our group buy and pre-order schedule to make sure that these issues were resolved. Here's a list of everything we've achieved in the last few months—

  • A robust new prototyping process. Before any group buy or new design is released, we undergo multiple prototypes with the designer. The sale only goes live after a final prototype is signed off by everyone involved. This includes both our initial color samples and full prototypes of the set. This also means that when you see Infinikey product pictures listed on vendor websites, you'll be seeing the colors exactly as they'll be produced. 
  • The fastest turnaround time available. Until recently, our fulfillment for group buys would take about 8 months, with an additional risk of further delays. By changing how we transport keycaps internationally, we estimate that pre-orders and group buys will be fulfilled in 4 to 5 months.
  • More possibilities for novelties. We can now offer alternative fonts for both legends and sublegends, spacebar novelties, images with color gradients, and more.
  • The highest-quality custom packaging. Even though our packaging isn't used directly in your keyboard build, we're still proud of the vivid designs that we're able to display on our high-quality packaging.
  • Direct support and updates. Until this year, Infinikey was primarily sold by TKC and our proxies. This is no longer the case and we look to support vendors and designers far and wide. So far in 2021, we've helped several group buys launch successfully, including PBT Doggie, Kerokerokeys, and DSA Encore.

What to Look Forward to

Great improvements mean greater things to come! Here's what's in store for us here at TKC.

  • More major partnerships. Just like our first esports keycap collaboration with Team Liquid in November '20, we've been working with dozens of organizations and companies to make their own keycap ideas a reality for their fans.
  • More in-stock keysets. The group buy process takes too long. As a part of our goal to make the hobby more accessible, we're going to have more in-stock keysets available. We'll be announcing our classic in-stock keysets in the next few months. They're simple designs that will go perfectly with any keyboard build, and we're very excited about them!
  • More insight into the design and production processes. On our new Infinikey website, our production team will be making content that walks you through some of the major procedures and processes of Infinikey.

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who has supported and worked with us through this process. You've provided honest feedback and helped us get to the point where we are. We have a lot in store for the keyboard community, and we hope you're excited for what's next!