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INTRODUCING: Monthly Giveaways

EDIT: The stakes have been raised!  The winner of this giveaway will get access to special stock such as Banana Splits, Tangies, and Kiwis they can use their winning gift card on.

Again, this is decided by the TKC panel by vote. Many entries have just a keyboard. There is a THEME that must be followed for full consideration. September's theme is BACK TO SCHOOL.

Please note we are receiving many invalid entries: Please paste the link of YOUR entry, not the link to our form, not your Discord tag, not our blog posts.


We are excited to bring a new format of giveaways! Every month we are going to be rewarding two winners (maybe three if it’s too hard to pick!) with TKC digital gift cards.  The top winner will receive $50, and the second will score $25.

Every month, we’re going to provide a theme, and we want you to see what you can cook up with your #TKCMechMail.  Here’s what you need to do:

  • Photo entries only (Animated GIFs OK. No videos, poetry, essays.)
  • MUST include something TKC related (sticker, drawn logo, products, be creative)
  • Must be a public post shared on Discord, Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter
  • Entries must be submitted to the Google Form provided by TKC

September’s theme is: BACK TO SCHOOL

Make sure you fill in the Google Form to submit your entry! The deadline is September 28th at 12:00 AM Eastern and the winner will be announced on our social platforms with your winning entry.

 Some ideas to get you started:

  • MechanicalHeadPens, show off your pens for your notes and headphones to study with
  • Match a back-to-school outfit with your daily driver
  • A full desk setup with your notes on your screen

The theme is pretty flexible, please don’t let your creativity feel boxed in!

Have fun out there, and we’re looking forward to seeing all your photos!