Introducing: the Snack Time Switch Line

Introducing: the Snack Time Switch Line

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Whether you are craving something in between your project builds, the next episode of Cobra Kai, or just looking for something new to try… C³Equalz X TKC presents: the Snack Time Switch Line, a line created around fun, new adventures, and nostalgia.  Every Snack Time switch represents something sweet, or savory carefully crafted to spark curiosity.


The Snack Time Switch Line is opening shop for Banana Split

Created for even the most macho of folks, Banana Split switches are bright bundles of linear goodness.  Served with a dollop of strawberry and blueberry creams, Banana Split switches come together with a POM banana cream stem.

Get a taste of Banana Split:

  • Linear switch (smooth keypress with no tactile bump)
  • 62g spring
  • Nylon and Polycarbonate blended housing (in strawberry and blueberry cream)
  • POM stem (Banana cream colored)
  • PCB mount
  • Lightly factory lubed
  • Designed by C³Equalz
  • Manufactured by JWK

Banana Split Buesday is September 29th

The TKC snack stand opens up shop for orders on Tuesday, September 29th. Similar to Banana Splits’ distant cousin, the Kiwi Switch, we will have a morning and evening slot. 

  • 3PM Eastern / 12PM Pacific / 8PM UK
  • 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific / 2AM UK

If you’re bananas for Banana Split, we suggest to be online during the times above and set an alarm. 

Limited to 200 switches per customer

We are asking for peckish and thirsty snackers to keep to the limitation of 200 switches maximum per customer. If you order more than 200 switches throughout Banana Split Buesday, all your orders will be cancelled and you will not receive any Banana Split switches. 

We listened to the community’s feedback and have adjusted our snack servings to 25. This means the community can enjoy Banana Split switches in quantities of:

  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • 125
  • 150
  • 175
  • 200
Each customer can order up to 200 switches maximum at the TKC Snack Stand.

Banana Splits will be packed in familiar tubs

Just like the Fruit Switch Family, the Snack Time Switch Line will also pack away its sweet confections in tubs similar to the Tangerine and Kiwi containers. 

Yes, our Banana Splits will have their own unique sticker art!

Orders will be shipped as soon as they can

Over the last month, we’ve focused our efforts on bettering our processes with our fulfillment partners. Overall, our fulfillment rate is 97% and we have a fully trained team of kickass customer support agents that are on your side, and eager to help you out.

Please note, however, there are Covid practices still in place and we need to respect our partners in keeping their staff safe. Over the last few weeks we also witnessed acts of God that were out of our control: the fires on the West Coast also disrupted delivery services.  We are still seeing packages not being scanned properly by delivery service providers: we are asking for some patience in the delivery of your package.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team!

K… These Banana Splits remind me of “Macho Switches”

Probably because they are actually the same and some vendors continued to use the working development name for them. Macho, Tuffguys, whatever you’re hearing… 

These are Banana Split switches.

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