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Islander Extras R2 Information

Hi all, thanks so much to those who are eagerly anticipating more information for the Infinikey Islander Extras R2 for your patience and support.  We wanted to provide as much information as we could for you!  Without further adieu, here’s what’s happening!

When are more Infinikey Islander extras being released?
Thursday, February 4th at 3:00 PM Eastern

Will there be another Group Buy? Can you host another Group Buy?
Not at this time.

I missed out last time. What is your best advice?
The demand exceeded the supply in our first round, and we are assuming the same for this round.  Please have an alarm ready, and refresh the TKC website on time of the release.

How many Islander kits can I buy?
Keycaps are limited to 1 of each Kit per customer. All kits will be available, but please note that the Novelties and Extension Kits are extremely limited in comparison to Base Kits.

What about the Islander deskmat?
Islander deskmats are now in-stock!  Islander deskmats can also go towards the Buy 4 in-stock Deskmats, Get the 5th free promotion.

What about bots?
Bots make up a very small fraction of our orders. In our first Islander extras release, only 8% of orders were by bots. The demand greatly exceeded the supply we had. We will continue to keep a close eye on the sales data to ensure everyone has a fair chance.

How do you have more extras if you already hosted an extras sale?
In addition to cancelled bot orders, we now also have an additional shipment of extras available that was not accounted for in the first round.

We hope this helps you in your preparations for the extras release, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.