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It's time for us to sit in a circle and have a serious discussion.

Hey all. Firstly, welcome to the revamped TKC website! Thank you for visiting, for the support since we started this company, and thanks for all the words of encouragement and especially the constructive criticisms.

We'll get right to the point - GMK >Terminal_ is 98.8% fulfilled. There are some outliers that we still are missing information such as international destination phone numbers or addresses that have failed validation, but that can (and will) be rectified soon with your help providing the missing/correct information.

What we're here to talk about today is those who did not receive their order. We truly apologize if you're one of the few that were excited enough about >Terminal_ to order it, and then came up empty handed. We expected a few issues as this is our first GB, such as miscounted items, incorrect items sent, etc., but when we hear from those of you who have spent your hard-earned money on our wares and are left empty handed, we take that very seriously. We are grateful that for the most part, refunds and credits have been processed without issue and everyone has been generally very understanding.

We are here to make things right - we've invested in and will be implementing ZenDesk to streamline customer interactions. For the time being, if you still have issues with an order you placed and have not received, please email us at or use the Contact page, even if you've already reached out to us. For those of you who we've replaced items for, resent missing items, etc., thanks for your help making TKC better. 

TKC has been all about transparency and we take full responsibility for errors and undelivered orders - this is not meant to throw USPS under the bus. However, an alarming trend developed for almost every problematic order we dealt with. USPS International Parcel service does not offer tracking to a lot of destinations, and both we and you as the consumer literally have one option - wait and hope. That's not cool. Even some domestic orders fell through the cracks, despite us being there in person at the post office to witness a live scan of a package in. This is very disheartening as these things are beyond our control.

We are researching more effective, reliable ways to ship future products. We have been testing DHL for the more recent new international orders and have seen a marked improvement in transit time as well as reliability. Domestically, we have been going to our respective USPS main office in our areas and that seemingly helps, though frankly we're a bit traumatized by the lost/untrackable packages. What it may come down to is, future GB's and product offerings may see a slight increase in shipping costs - please understand that it is simply because our goal is 100% fulfillment, period. Once we nail down a solid process, you will see this reflected on the site at checkout. Fortunately, it appears that USPS/UPS/Fedex almost become price parity when you get to a certain weight, so hopefully we can figure something out that doesn't break the bank.

Thanks all. Explore the site a bit and let us know what you think.

*Best DHL international rates will be implemented before the launch of GMK Led Zep