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Keyboard University

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Keyboard University

Keyboard University is our growing resource for mechanical keyboard knowledge. Our initial articles—courses, if you will—cover introductory topics for newcomers to the hobby. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look:

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Why did we make this?

Keyboards can be a rabbit hole that’s hard to explain. It’s a keyboard, and people have a lot of opinions about every single part of that keyboard. They spend more money on keyboards that have fewer keys than a typical office keyboard available for a fraction of the price. It’s harder to quantify what makes a keyboard good in the same way you might quantify computer part specs. What’s the big deal?

We started Keyboard University because we wanted a resource that newcomers to the hobby could refer to without getting overwhelmed by too much information. Common concepts that enthusiasts understand, like group buys and the differences among keycap types, can sound like a foreign language to someone who’s just trying to find out more about that cool keyboard in that one photo they saw.

Now, it's easier than ever to learn about everything you need to get into the hobby with our '100-level courses' that cover the basics you need and more advanced curricula if you want to get deeper into construction, modding, programming, and more.

The syllabus so far

Our 100-level courses include:

  • Intro to Mechanical Keyboards
  • Keyboard Sizes and Layouts
  • Keycaps
  • Switches
  • Stabilizers
  • Group Buys
  • Keyboard Community

Common keyboard sizes

One introductory topic covered is common keyboard sizes and layouts.

If you’ve got friends who want to learn more about mechanical keyboards, we hope these introductory articles will help.

🌟 Bonus 200-level course: Keyboard Mounting Styles

We'll continuously add higher-level courses for you aspiring designers, engineers, and modders out there, plus loads of special content and interviews for those looking to sink your teeth into the world of keebs. Stay tuned!


Our secondary goal with Keyboard University is to highlight creators and community members. We're kicking off our insights interview series with an interview with Mintlodica, the designer of our best-selling keyset DSA Magic Girl.

“How hard can this be?” As a serial creator, I believe everything is possible.

Read the interview →


So. Tell your friends. If they ask, “how do I get into this stuff?” we hope Keyboard University will help them.

Join us on Discord in our #keyboard-university channel.

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