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October's SPOOKY themed photo winners!

Thank-you so much to the community for showcasing their spooooooky setups with TKC incorporated in some shape or form.  We loved all the creativity we saw, just in time for Halloween too! Seeing that a lot of us are staying home this year, it was so lovely to see a bit of spirit captured right on our deskspaces.

With no further adieu, let's introduce this month's winners!

Winning $50 in TKC gift cards and access to our holdback stock including Banana Split and Kiwi switches, GMK Night Runner, GMK Phosphorus extras... 


And tied in second place, and third place, we have:

Just for fun

Here are some other entries that we LOVED!

 The cutest entry we received.

Funnest spooky hand prop ever.

Spooooookiest Kiwi ever

 Someone pls save Barb. pls

Talk about forbidden snacks!!


We will be announcing the new theme on Monday.  We will be discontinuing Discord entries, but will be announcing new ways to enter. Stay tuned and thanks for joining in on the fun!