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September's BACK TO SCHOOL themed photo winners!

Thank-you so much to the community for showcasing their creativity, personality, fun, and passion in our debut Monthly Giveaways!  September's theme featured BACK TO SCHOOL entries, and we are excited to showcase the winners...

It wasn't easy but, from the TKC panel by vote... Here is the winning entry: $50 TKC gift card, with access to special holdback stock including Tangerine Switches, and Kiwi Switches.

Instagram: @filledtype

And winning $25 in TKC gift cards is:

Instagram: @famouslastwords_keys
Twitter: @alexr790

Notable Entries

Just for fun, we found some interesting entries that were fun, but didn't follow the theme, or include the requirements.

Best NovelKeys Cameo Award
Best Photo That Isn't Back To School Related
Best ASCII Art Award
Thanks again for all your amazing entries, we look forward to your photos for October's theme... (being announced shortly!)