Free Shipping on Orders Over $200 (US and Canada Only)



In the past week TKC has received two long waited shipments and another is already on the way. We are working through fulfilling all of our group buy orders and getting these in your hands! If you're waiting for a specific item check out our Product Updates page for the latest status. With the influx of product we wanted to highlight a few things happening and what's to come. 

New Shipping Rates

In our latest Warehouse Wednesday we announced our new shipping rates. For domestic customers, buy any 3 in-stock items shipping is free. Any order over $200 also ships free. For our Canadian neighbors, buy any 3 in-stock items shipping is a flat rate of $10. We understand that shipping costs are a large factor for many of our customers, and we are constantly trying to improve this process. 

Banana Split Switches

Banana Split Switches have been restocked and are up for sale. These come in packs of 25, 50, 75, and 100.  Quantities are dwindling so check them out soon!

Crystal and Rain Deskmats

Today we released extras for the Crystal Series, and Rain Series deskmats. These are sure to make any desk or office pop! Rain was designed by Infinity Key, Crystal was designed by superswitch. 

Next Week Releases

On September 24th we will be releasing extras of ePBT Doubleshot ABS, and Cherry Switches. We also have 2 PCB's to release, the OSA and TKL. All of these items will be released at 3:00pm EST.  

Future Releases

  • We also have more items to release, but are still working through processing so we don't have a final date yet. Here are some (but not all) that will be released soon
    • UYU deskmats
    • Blacklight
    • Tangie switches
    • Comfy
    • Cat Cafe
  • Warehouse Wednesday products will be revealed on our socials an hour before the sale. Set your alarms for 3pm EST to see what pops up each week.  

Please note that if you purchased multiple pre-order products in the same order, your order will not be shipped until all pre-order products are ready to ship!