Free Shipping on Orders Over $200 (US and Canada Only)

Shipping Rate Options

You might have noticed a small change when checking out. We are proud to announce the availability of live rate quoting and delivery time estimates through our delivery partners!

We have worked hard in the background to demystify our shipping choices and make it so that you're seeing and selecting a delivery service from one of our partners and being quoted a delivery time directly from them. This should result in a decrease in shipping rates for most of our customers, however some customers may see an increase and for those we do apologize and please know that we are always looking at new shipping options to bring lower cost deliveries worldwide.

Your shipping rates are determined by items in your cart and your location. Here are some examples of what you might see:

Buys 3 Ships Free

Most options available

Minimal choices

We made a commitment to better customer service, and we are working hard on a lot of different fronts. Some of these changes have been slow, but behind the scenes our small team is constantly trying to improve our processes. 

Stay tuned to see what changes we make next!