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Statement on Infinikey Dark Cyrillic

Hi Everyone,

Over the last few days, the team at TKC has been reading your feedback about our most recent keycap set, Dark Cyrillic. We feel the same way. The color matching on the Purple Alphas kit is unacceptable. 

We were made aware of this discrepancy in color-matching, but due to an error in communication on our end, these incorrectly matched sets were sent out to customers prematurely by one of our vendor partners, MAKeyboards. We had initially planned to remake the incorrect Purple Alphas kits, but the fulfillment of a portion of the sets made that plan more complicated.

We needed a few days, but we are pleased to share that we are remaking the affected Purple Alphas kits of Dark Cyrillic. We are working closely with the designer, Wongstongs, to ensure that this new set is true to his original vision. Additionally, we’ll be sending out fix kits to all customers containing corrected legends for the ESC + Enter keys. You can find the full details, including our estimated fulfillment time, further down this blog post.

The incorrectly colored Purple Alphas kit occurred due to an error early on in our design process. Wongstongs sent us Pantone codes that he matched and wanted us to use for the set, and our internal design team did not double-check the correct Pantone Colors before submitting them to the manufacturer. For this, we apologize.

Please see the designer’s statement below: 

I worked with TKC to bring IFK Dark Cyrillic to life in 2020 because of their great reverse dye sub process for PBT keycaps and their fast production lead times compared to other manufacturers.
IFK Dark Cyrillic went into production before TKC's current QC processes were put into practice. With TKC's new QC process, I will be able to properly colour match the purple alpha kits to the design I had intended.
After hearing the community’s concerns and having conversations with the staff at TKC, I can assure you that TKC is working towards making this right. I look forward to finishing this set correctly and moving forward with TKC as a partner in the future.

We want to do right by our customers and the community, so we are offering the following solutions as we prepare for Dark Cyrillic fulfillment here at TKC:


If you purchased Dark Cyrillic with TKC, here are your options:

  • Dark Cyrillic Core: Customers who purchased Dark Cyrillic Core will receive a one-time 20% discount code and a fix kit containing keycaps with corrected legends.
  • Dark Cyrillic Red Alphas: Customers who purchased Dark Cyrillic Red Alphas will receive a one-time 20% discount code and a fix kit containing keycaps with corrected legends.
  • Dark Cyrillic Purple Alphas: Customers who purchased the Purple Alphas can choose between having their Purple Alphas refunded entirely, or receiving the new color corrected purple set with correct legends and a one-time 20% discount code. The estimated ship date for the new purple set is late April/early May 2021. Affected customers will receive an email with further details and product photos closer to the fulfillment date. 
  • We will be sending an email to customers who purchased Dark Cyrillic with this information as well.

Customers who received the incorrect purple kits from MAKeyboards, please kindly reach out to MAKeyboards directly for more information on the next steps. If you purchased your set from one of our other partner vendors, please refer to them for next steps.


As part of our Commitment to Quality, designers now receive up to several rounds of prototypes for review and approval before launching group buys. This improved process ensures that the color matching is aligned with the designer’s original vision and with the renders while also minimizing any production errors that may affect the lead time. We assure you that these kinds of issues shouldn’t impact the design process moving forward. You will see the impact of these changes starting in Q2 2021.

Our first priority is regaining the trust of the community. The changes we made to our quality control will prevent this from happening with group buys going forward, but we hope that this is a step in the right direction.

Thank you for your understanding,

TheKey.Company Team