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TheKey.Company acquires MiniVan

DSA Scientific on MiniVan Big news!  With the blessing of Evan, the founder of TheVan Keyboards, TheKey.Company will be offering MiniVan kits in 2020. In addition, we plan to bring these back as fully assembled keyboards. They will include PBT keycaps, Gateron switches, and more features we're actively working on. From Day 1, we've seen the potential of MiniVan and are stoked we're taking over manufacturing. We believe the MiniVan will be a keyboard which brings those in the mainstream market into the enthusiast world. A note from Evan: Nearly 4 years ago, I set out to make the MiniVan 40% accessible to all. Unfortunately, I didn't have all the right infrastructure to achieve all my goals. TVK became a burden for me and I began...

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