Tangie Tuesday is coming July 28th

Tangie Tuesday is coming July 28th

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Tangie Tuesday is coming and here’s what you need to know:

We are expecting this restock to sell quickly
Last time we ran an in-stock buy of our Tangerine Switches, we sold out in less than 3 minutes. We will have more in-stock than last time. We advise to be online before the sell time is live and know what you’d like to order beforehand

Orders will ship out as soon as they can
There will be a high volume of orders. It’ll take time for our fulfillment center to sort and pack everything. Note: We will also not be accepting cancellations or merging order requests at this time.

The popular Tangerine containers and tubs are returning
Yes! We will be shipping Tangerine Switches in small tubs.  There are a couple of sizes.  A smaller one holds up to 50 switches, and the larger one holds about twice the amount.  They are the same dimensions, but they are different heights. If you order 20 switches or more, you will get a tub.

We aren’t cool with after-market pricing
We understand that there will be folks buying to profit off our products. To alleviate some of this, we will be enforcing a limit per customer: 12 packs of Tangies of each weight per customer.

The debut of lube on TKC, along with our new MX Cherry Switch Opener
For the first time ever, we will be selling lube on TKC! We will first be offering Krytox 205g0, 105, and 106… More to come soon.

There will be no Tangerine Group Buy
Our manufacturing partners are already working on upcoming in-stock orders.

More Tangerines are on their way
We have already ordered more and once they arrive, we will be able to host another in-stock buy. Please keep in touch with us on social media for news and updates.

Our other fruit switches are coming soon
We are still planning on rolling out the rest of the fruit switch family, Thank-you so much for your patience, we’ve got some surprises in-store as we really appreciate the community waiting!

We’re dedicated to helping the community
We mean this. We are a team built on community. We know that there are major shipping delays to our friends up north and it’s been hard on us when it’s an issue out of our hands. We are holding back stock just in case anything happens to both GB and In-stock orders.  We want to give a heads up because we know this is a highly demanded product. 

Abuse towards the TKC team will be taken seriously. Complaints unrelated to an order and personal threats will have consequences. We are passionate about the same things you are and we are here to take care of you.

With that said… Tangie Tuesday starts on Tuesday, July 28th at 9:00PM Eastern featuring the return of Tangerine Switches in 62g (light stem) and 67g (dark stem), and the introduction of our new MX Cherry Switch Opener and a debut of Krytox lube right here at TKC.

Photo credit: LVCRFT (nail art) + Alexotos (switch opener)


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