Tangie Tuesday is Koming

Tangie Tuesday is Koming

Posted by Melissa Guzman on

We are excited to announce our next Fruit Switch Family restock: 

Tangie Tuesday is coming next Tuesday, October 27th

As introduced with Kiwi Kuesday, we are going to continue to host two release times due to community availability, demand, and timezones:

  • 12 PM Pacific / 3 PM Eastern / 7 PM U.K.
  • 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern / 1 AM U.K.

What are Tangerine Switches?

Tangerine Switches became a community favorite switch in 2020 due to their top notch proprietary upper housing mold and plastic formula. They are lightly factory lubed which make them entry-level friendly and ready out of box, but also enthusiast-grade as they are durable for modifications, and have impressive tolerance which make these switches so unique.

  • Linear switch (smooooooth, no bump)
  • Available in two weights: 62g (light stem), 67g (dark stem)
  • Translucent bright vibrant deep tangerine orange housing
  • Designed by TKC and C³Equalz
  • Light lube application in-factory (can be lubed over)
  • Gold-plated internals
  • Part of the Fruit Switch Family line

If you want to learn more about lubing your switches, take a look at the 200 level course on Switch Lubes on Keyboard.University.

Limited to 125 switches per weight per customer

Due to our ongoing process in streamlining and maintaining our inventory counts, Tangerine Switches will be sold in units of 25.  We selected units of 25 as 3 units will be able to cover the growing popularity of 60% to 75% boards (including our next keyboard release, the Portico), with switches to spare in the case of soldering accidents.

Here’s a breakdown of the variations within the limits:

  • 1 unit — 25 switches
  • 2 units - 50 switches
  • 3 units - 75 switches
  • 4 units - 100 switches
  • 5 units - 125 switches

Due to demand, Tangerine Switches will be limited to 5 units per weight for Tangie Tuesday. (250 switches total.)  If you place orders for more than 5 units per weight throughout the day, all your orders will be canceled and you will not receive any switches.

If there are any remaining units in the TKC shop, you may purchase 5 additional units the following day.

Orders will ship as soon as they are able

We’ve focused our efforts on bettering our processes with our fulfillment partners. Overall, our fulfillment rate is 97% and we have a fully trained team of kickass customer support agents that are on your side, and eager to help you out.

There have been various delays throughout 2020 with many carriers, but USPS has been the most affected. With the major US presidential election coming up, our fulfillment center has been taking action to put packages with the carriers best able to avoid disruptions. UPS Mail Innovations is a service where UPS collects the packages from our fulfillment center (they are not scanned at time of pick up) and delivers them to each customer's local Post Office for local USPS delivery. In doing this, we can skip USPS regional sorting (this is where the delays are stemming from). 

Note: If USPS does not scan when the package is delivered to them, the tracking will not show movement until the delivery is actually made. This is expected to be temporary, through the end of year 2020. We will revisit service times after the election.

For those who want to exercise caution, we’ve introduced Route’s insurance services to the TKC shop.  You can read up on Route here.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team!

See you next Tuesday

Thanks so much for reading on Tangie Tuesday, we’re super excited to get these switches into the hands of so many folks who have been eagerly awaiting this restock!

Let’s keep in touch!

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