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TKC and COVID-19

Hi guys, it’s been a crazy few months.

First, the global pandemic continues to rage on. TKC is headquartered in the Detroit area, which is particularly impacted. Things started to snowball once we hosted the Group Buy for Tangerine Switches. It’s been surreal to say the least.

We’ve witnessed first-hand on the multi-layered impact Coronavirus has had on TKC as a company:

Importing goods
Coronavirus has impacted all of our product shipments. This includes both products manufactured in Europe and Asia. The pandemic has affected global labor forces and customs are also taking longer than normal. We understand it’s a massive inconvenience for the community. Most of this is out of our direct control. We want to give specifics but at the same time, there are so many unknowns and we don’t want to disappoint.

Staffing issues
Our fulfillment centers are unfortunately understaffed due to the pandemic. There are physical distancing practises in place, and hiring additional staff has been a challenge in these trying times.

Shipping outstanding orders
In-stock orders normally ship the next day but we’ve seen delays as much as 10 days from our warehouse partners to fulfill orders. It is absolutely less than ideal. Due to the added stress, there were some packing errors with recent orders. We’re working to correct them going forward, doing everything we can.

It’s a mad world
It’s true - everyone is cooped up indoors. Whether you’re isolated and alone, or in quarantine with your family. It’s a situation that takes time getting used to. From the community to our TKC family and crew, it’s something we are not used to, but all things said and done, we are trying our damned best to get through this and take care of you.

It may sound cliche, but we are in this together.

It’s taking more time than normal, but besides that, there’s still so much to celebrate and so much to be excited for.