TKC CandyBar - UPDATED 2018-09-28

The sale draws closer. Heres a TL:DR of changes:

  1. Non-hotswap PCB shelved for time being
  2. Left Hand version added
  3. Hotswap PCB has more layout options
  4. Swapped R SHIFT / UP ARROW (/?) keys for better placement
  5. 2 DSA Keysets added to the sale. Both are compatible with almost every 40% keyboard on the market.
  6. Sale to start in October. Date TBD. Waiting on just a few more pieces of the puzzle.


The Complete Story:

Introducing the TKC CandyBar. This Click-O-Stick is brought to you by TKC to satisfy the need for a compact board with full size features and an incredibly attractive price-point! 

Honch0 here (Jason). Ill level with you. I like my arrow keys. I also like my numpad. This has kept me away from using my compact boards. I still collect them, but they are show-pieces more than battle station wares. I recently sold my Minivan to a really nice guy in Australia. I thought to myself, "why cant there be a 40 with a numpad? And arrows.." I drove straight home and drew up the keymap. I got u/blindassassin111 on the horn and said "LETS DO THIS!". 3 weeks later, we have prototypes in hand and were testing. u/terrymathews is working on the firmware and we will have some solid numbers in the coming weeks. 

So heres the details. There are 2 different kits, Standard and Premium, as well as 2 layouts, Right and Left hand. You can get either PCB with in either kit. 

Right Hand PCB

TKC CandyBar Right Hand

Left Hand PCB

TKC CandyBar Left Hand

*Both PCBs use QMK firmware, Mini-USB and will have all SMD components factory installed.

The Kits:

CandyBar Standard

TKC CandyBar

TKC CandyBar

  • Available in Left and Right hand version
  • Kailh Hotswap
  • Switchplate, PCB, and bottom plate all made of PCB material
  • Includes switches, stabilizers, bolts, and standoffs
  • Price ~$80 depending on options
  • Barebones kit (no switches / stabs) will also be offered
  • PCB only will also be available 

CandyBar Premium

TKC CandyBar Premium

TKC CandyBar Premium Left 

  • CNC machined anodized 6063 aluminum in a variety of colors
  • Aluminum plate, 1.5mm anodized in a variety of colors
  • Brass plate will be available at additional cost
  • Tray mount
  • Includes PCB of choice, plate, case, bolts, switches and stabs.
  • Barebones will be offered with no switches or stabs.
  • Price likely around $220 USD

The Keysets:

  • Font will appear as pictured in renders. I havent finished the mock up.
  • DSA PBT Dye Sub
  • Fits most (all?) 40% keyboards on the market
  • Planck, MiniVan, Pearl, CandyBar, JD40, etc
  • Renders by Oblotzky (thanks buddy!)

DSA CandyBar

DSA CandyBar


DSA (Name not decided)


Thanks for looking!

Special Thanks To:
  • u/blindassassin111 for all the work designing every part
  • Oblotzky for the renders and help with the beige DSA set
  • u/terrymathews for the firmware and tech support
  • OfTheWild for being the fist one to see the layout and yelling at me to make it happen
  • Evan at Minivan for feedback on key placement
  • The community for making it happen!



  • nathan

    Any update on this?

  • funnyperson1

    I’m really interested in this keyboard, I love that you guys are doing an affordable compact board with numpad and arrow keys.

    Is there any chance you could add a NumLock key to the cap set though? It would be great to use the Vortex Vibe style layout where num lock can be used for its intended purpose, to switch between the arrow/nav keys and numpad. That way we wouldn’t have to choose between Backspace and brackets (which could be problematic for programmers).

  • Combo

    Absolutely cannot wait. Dream board!

  • Paul

    Obsessed with this!

  • Cory Erhardt

    Im in. this would so sick with my vaporwave pc build. you could say im in love

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