TKC CandyBar - UPDATED 2018-09-28

TKC CandyBar - UPDATED 2018-09-28

Posted by Jason Knapp on

The sale draws closer. Heres a TL:DR of changes:

  1. Non-hotswap PCB shelved for time being
  2. Left Hand version added
  3. Hotswap PCB has more layout options
  4. Swapped R SHIFT / UP ARROW (/?) keys for better placement
  5. 2 DSA Keysets added to the sale. Both are compatible with almost every 40% keyboard on the market.
  6. Sale to start in October. Date TBD. Waiting on just a few more pieces of the puzzle.


The Complete Story:

Introducing the TKC CandyBar. This Click-O-Stick is brought to you by TKC to satisfy the need for a compact board with full size features and an incredibly attractive price-point! 

Honch0 here (Jason). Ill level with you. I like my arrow keys. I also like my numpad. This has kept me away from using my compact boards. I still collect them, but they are show-pieces more than battle station wares. I recently sold my Minivan to a really nice guy in Australia. I thought to myself, "why cant there be a 40 with a numpad? And arrows.." I drove straight home and drew up the keymap. I got u/blindassassin111 on the horn and said "LETS DO THIS!". 3 weeks later, we have prototypes in hand and were testing. u/terrymathews is working on the firmware and we will have some solid numbers in the coming weeks. 

So heres the details. There are 2 different kits, Standard and Premium, as well as 2 layouts, Right and Left hand. You can get either PCB with in either kit. 

Right Hand PCB

TKC CandyBar Right Hand

Left Hand PCB

TKC CandyBar Left Hand

*Both PCBs use QMK firmware, Mini-USB and will have all SMD components factory installed.

The Kits:

CandyBar Standard

TKC CandyBar

TKC CandyBar

  • Available in Left and Right hand version
  • Kailh Hotswap
  • Switchplate, PCB, and bottom plate all made of PCB material
  • Includes switches, stabilizers, bolts, and standoffs
  • Price ~$80 depending on options
  • Barebones kit (no switches / stabs) will also be offered
  • PCB only will also be available 

CandyBar Premium

TKC CandyBar Premium

TKC CandyBar Premium Left 

  • CNC machined anodized 6063 aluminum in a variety of colors
  • Aluminum plate, 1.5mm anodized in a variety of colors
  • Brass plate will be available at additional cost
  • Tray mount
  • Includes PCB of choice, plate, case, bolts, switches and stabs.
  • Barebones will be offered with no switches or stabs.
  • Price likely around $220 USD

The Keysets:

  • Font will appear as pictured in renders. I havent finished the mock up.
  • DSA PBT Dye Sub
  • Fits most (all?) 40% keyboards on the market
  • Planck, MiniVan, Pearl, CandyBar, JD40, etc
  • Renders by Oblotzky (thanks buddy!)

DSA CandyBar

DSA CandyBar


DSA (Name not decided)


Thanks for looking!

Special Thanks To:
  • u/blindassassin111 for all the work designing every part
  • Oblotzky for the renders and help with the beige DSA set
  • u/terrymathews for the firmware and tech support
  • OfTheWild for being the fist one to see the layout and yelling at me to make it happen
  • Evan at Minivan for feedback on key placement
  • The community for making it happen!


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