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TKC in 2019

TKC grew a lot in 2019—we turned three years old in November and nearly tripled our orders this year. The growth started in the spring and we've been going steady ever since.

To support this, we've grown our team, launched a new website, and moved fulfillment centers. And we started our Discord server this year, where 3000 of you have joined us 👋 Jason wrote more about our origin story last month.

Here's a recap of what we've released.


Holy Panda hoodie / Katakana Cherry PBT (white on black) / GMK SKIIdata

Holy Panda hoodie / Katakana Cherry PBT (white on black) / GMK SKIIdata



  • Katakana Cherry PBT, a high-quality, high-compatibility keyset inspired by the classic Apple font. We're bringing this back for round 2 in 2020.
  • 💖 We ran a TKC1800 raffle to support a friend of Jason's. Thanks to everyone who joined.


  • GMK SKIIdata, based on the iconic blue POS board by Skidata.
  • The Holy Panda series continues with the Holy Red Panda shirts and hoodies.



DSA Scientific / Candybar Premium / DSA Magic Girl

DSA Scientific / Candybar Premium / DSA Magic Girl


  • DSA Scientific, inspired by the classic TI-30Xa scientific calculator.
  • Candybar in Standard and Premium, featuring a compact layout and left and right hand versions. The Candybar Premium was our best-selling board of the year 🌟
  • C³ Tangerine switches, for your smooth linear switch needs.



  • DSA Magic Girl, a throwback to iconic anime of the 90s. It's our best-selling keyset of the year 🌟

We also launched our new website in June!

TKC website before / after

TKC website before / after



Clack Cat shirt / GMK Night Runner / Sanctuary Rebirth PBT

Clack Cat shirt / GMK Night Runner / Sanctuary Rebirth PBT


  • Clack Cat shirts, a weird spin-off of bongo cat that became the unofficial mascot of the keeb community 🐱🐾


  • GMK Night Runner, which brings the look of a not-too-distant future cyberpunk city to you.


  • TKC1800 R3, the Cherry G80-1800 cases that we've taken and modified to give you the finest looking compact full-size keyboard.
  • Sanctuary Rebirth PBT, inspired by an iconic game.



M0LLY / SP-111 / KAM Little Pilot

M0LLY / SP-111 / KAM Little Pilot


  • GMK Phosphorous, featuring the sharpest blue and the coolest grey ⚡
  • M0LLY, a modern geometric replica of the iconic Apple M0110A.



The big news this month was that we acquired MiniVan. Look out for it in 2020 👀

DSA Scientific on MiniVan

DSA Scientific on MiniVan

We've also been running an Advent Calendar, which drops a new surprise every day until Christmas.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who's joined us along the year, and our collaborators and partners who brought the magic to life. We can't wait to share what we've got coming in 2020 with you all. Hang out with us on Discord <3