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General Application

About TheKey.Company

TKC is a veteran mechanical keyboards and mech-essories vendor within the community. We’re turning 4 years old this November. In April, our YTD (Year to Date) sales surpassed our 2019 year sales.

We wanted to create a company to bring awesome products to the community while providing the best service possible. At the time, this did not exist. We’re growing faster than ever and need your help.

We are a team of ~10 and more with our network of collaborators. Everyone plays many roles regardless of seniority. There are several areas we need help with and they vary from customer service, documentation, operations, and retail management. 

About this General Application

The idea of providing a General Application is meant to extend opportunities to folks who primarily are interested in working at TheKey.Company and have the Core Skills needed to thrive at our nimble size.

About You

This team would be best suited for someone who is detail orientated and eager to learn about the inner workings of a thriving business. Ideally, this person is enthusiastic about the world of mechanical keyboards.

Core Skills

  • You have an interest in mechanical keyboards and the deep hobbyist world of customization.
  • You write and communicate well. We are a remote team with collaborators around the world. In public forums, you represent TKC.
  • You can manage your tasks, prioritize, and deliver on time. We trust you to manage your time and ask for help when you need it.
  • You are detail-oriented. For example, one task may require entering data into Shopify for sales, formatting text and images, and making sure content on our store is up-to-date and accurate.
  • You can be on top of shifting timelines and unexpected occurrences.
  • You can take and give direct feedback.
  • You are trustworthy. We'll be giving you privileged, behind-the-scenes access.
  • Proficient in collaboration via Gmail, Discord, Notion, and similar collaboration products. The specific tool isn’t as important as your flexibility.

The Roles

All roles are expected to begin with 10 to 20 hours per week of work. Working hours are Monday to Friday. Most of our team works during the day from 9-5 and is based in Eastern Time (GMT-4). Some overlap is needed with these hours. Outside of that, you have the flexibility to work according to your schedule.

Some examples of what your day to day tasks might look like, but are not limited to:

  • Updating our Shopify store with information about upcoming releases.
  • Updating the production statuses of our Group Buy items in Shopify.
  • Preparing products for sales in Shopify. This involves gathering and entering product data, and making sure all the boxes are ticked before something is ready.
  • Reviewing meeting minutes, putting information into action items, and assigning team members tasks as needed.
  • Communicating information from CEO & President to the rest of the team. For example, new production updates from the CEO would need to be passed along to our frontline and social media staff, and recorded in our internal docs.

Your Compensation & Perks

  • Paid by the hour to start. The exact number will be adjusted based on relative experience and locale.
  • Exposure to the inner workings of a business.
  • Professional mentorship and referrals within our network.
  • Credit for your contributions.
  • At this time, all roles are independent contractor positions.

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    TKC General Job Application

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