TKC is hiring a Design Intern!

About TheKey.Company

TKC is a veteran mechanical keyboards and mech-essories vendor within the community. We're almost 3 years old!

We wanted to create a company to bring awesome products to the community while providing the best customer service possible. At the time, this did not exist. To this day TKC still provides the highest level of customer service and innovation in the industry.

About Me

Hi there, I’m Susan, better known as Mint. You may know me from my keyset DSA Magic Girl. As a result, I joined their staff to help advise on design and scale their operations. I’m proud to say that in the short time Jason and I have worked together, we’re at a point where we can hire a Design Intern!

This role would report to me. By day, I work as a design manager in the tech industry. Assuming our trial period goes swimmingly, in addition to work for your portfolio, opportunities for growth, and working knowledge of how a business runs from the inside, you’d also get access to my global network.


About You

This role would be best suited for someone studying design or professionals looking to switch careers into design. Ideally, this person is enthusiastic about the world of mechanical keyboards.

  • You have an interest in mechanical keyboards and the deep hobbyist world of customization.
  • You write and communicate well. We are a remote team with collaborators around the world. In public forums, you represent TKC.
  • You can manage your tasks, prioritize, and deliver on time.
  • You can be flexible with shifting timelines and unexpected occurrences.
  • You can take and give direct feedback.
  • You are trustworthy. We’ll be giving you access to our tools.
  • Proficient in collaboration via Gmail, Discord, Notion, and similar products.
  • Proficient using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator) is a must. We expect you to be able to crop, post-process, and create assets to best present our products.
  • Comfortable writing social media posts and emails within a Content Style Guide.

Your Role

  • Manage project assets and marketing execution.
  • Content creation for social media.
  • Content creation for email campaigns.
  • Ensure our queue is filled with content up to ~2 weeks out.
  • Participate in brainstorming.
  • Design assets to best represent our brand and products.
  • Upon finishing the trial period, we can chat about a wider range of responsibilities and incorporate any stretch goals.

Your Compensation & Perks

  • Paid by the hour. The exact number will be adjusted based on relative experience and locale.
    • This will vary, but expect to put in at least 5 hours a week.
    • For students, please note in your application if there are specifics we need to consider for school credit.
  • Exposure to the inner workings of a business.
  • Professional mentorship and referrals within our network.
  • Credit for your contributions.
  • The trial period is 1 month, paid fully when you bill us.


Apply Now

Take me to the application!

Early applicants encouraged. We will close applications when we find a fit.

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