TKC / KeyForge Collaboration Raffle

We are pleased to announce a collaboration with Keyforge to bring >Terminal_ themed artisans to the group buy!


The details:

  • 4 sculps
  • 80 caps total (great chance of winning)
  • Raffle style purchase
  • $70 / cap - paid directly to KeyForge
  • Free CONUS shipping (ships with Terminal order)
  • International proxy buyers pay for shipping


  • Must join Terminal group buy
  • Minimum $40 purchase of a GMK kit (cables or accessory only purchases are not eligible)
  • One entry per person
  • Your order number will be required on the form and will be verified


Keyforge Terminal


  • Steven Tyson

    Just paid my invoice! 1 down, 3 more to go! Can’t wait for this keyset! It’s going to be fantastic, especially since I already have an R1 base!

  • Will Wilson

    I am saddened at the though of how hard my wallet will hurt as I have to hunt these down but thank you for the pain!

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