TKC New Site Launch

TKC New Site Launch

Posted by Jason Knapp on

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved, industry leading website for The Key Dot Company.

Hey everyone! For the last few weeks I have been working diligently with a team of professionals, @mintlodica at the helm, @outragepudding and @itafuri creating stunning images and logos, and Nic Studios of Hong Kong doing the dirt. And of course, me, organizing and culminating the content. Its been a lot of work, early mornings and late nights. My apologies for my distance during these past few weeks. I think you will agree, its all been worth it!

TKC has been quite a journey for me. Its been the ultimate learning experience. I was able to successfully turn a hobby that I am so passionate about into a full-time job and I do so with no regrets. I only hope that I can continue to serve the community by bringing awesome products and wonderful customer service that only improves with time. When we launched Terminal it was simpler times. You guys deserved a much better website, so here it is!

We are running a giveaway raffle with our Feedback survey! So take your shoes off, grab a cuppa and click around the new place, add some items to your cart, see the new logic. Let me know what you think. I'm eager to hear your feedback and any suggestions you have on how we might make the site better. 

Feedback Survey

New Features:

Updates Page:

The #1 email topic in my Zendesk dashboard (or inbox at various sites) is, "Got any updates on.....?" Now you have a quick and easy way to view them all quickly and in an organized manner. 

  • All open and unfulfilled group buys in one place.
  • Quick, easy and efficient way to view the latest updates on all our buys.
  • Real Time sales / MOQ updating on the updates page as well as product pages.
  • Will be updated diligently moving forward so there is no question as to when a product should be expected.

Estimated Fulfillment Dates Logic: 

Its been a struggle putting enough info on our product pages to make sure everyone is clear on when a certain product is expected to ship. Some people come upon the page and never having been in a group buy don't know what to expect. 

  • In cart you will be notified of the earliest shipment date expected based on whatever products are in your cart. If its in-stock items, 2-3 days. A group buy product, the estimated fulfillment date. If multiple group buy products, the expected date of the last expected product will be displayed. Try it out, its pretty cool!
  • Order confirmation email: Previously Shopify sent a stock email saying "Were getting ready to ship your order", which wasnt always the case. Now your order confirmation email will state the expected shipment date of the last expected item in your order.

Product Descriptions:

There is a lot of info on a product page, especially a group buy. I was sick of looking at walls of text, I'm sure you were, too. Now the information is broken down and categorized for easy viewing.

New Logo / Color Scheme:

The new logo invokes a vibe of urban / industrial. I gave OutragedPudding a list of things that I feel connected to, and this is what he came up with. I think he did a wonderful job; Its literally a keyboard factory! The color scheme was my idea, but was refined by OutragedPudding and Mintlodica. They figured out the perfect way to implement it and chose the perfect shades. 

FAQ / T&C Pages

I have written up a FAQ to help answer some questions that are frequently emailed to me. Hopefully you can find an answer there! If you think there is anything I should add, feel free to give me a shout! I have also updated our company policies and terms, all of which are explicitly laid out in the Terms & Conditions page. I encourage you to read it before joining a buy or placing an order moving forward.

About Us Page:

I cant do all of this alone, I have a team of colleagues that I work closely with the bring all these wonderful products to life. Have a look, meet the team and learn everyone's favorite pizza toppings and switch types.


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