TKC Status Updates - GMK Terminal, TKC1800, CandyBar, M0llY and more!

TKC Status Updates - GMK Terminal, TKC1800, CandyBar, M0llY and more!

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Hey everyone. Honch0 here. First off, Id like to thank all of our loyal customers for a great year so far. We've had some exciting things happen and have more to come! 

I wanted to write a blog post today to update everyone on the goings on around TKC lately. As you may or may not know; TKC is mostly a one-man-show these days. Sure, I have some brilliant minds behind bringing our ideas to life as well as talented designers and engineers doing their parts. But the day to day stuff, customer service, Instagram posts, order fulfillment, supplier issues: Thats all me. 

This past week, my family and I moved into our new home. Needless to say, any one reading this who has moved before knows what an undertaking that is, especially when youre married, with kids, and have lived in the house for a long time. Weve finally got everything here and were starting to settle in. So if you've experienced a delay lately, that is probably why. This week is a holiday. We will be shipping Black Friday promo deals and anything else over the weekend, and back to business as usual by early next week. So my apologies to anyone who has been frustrated with me this week. 

Now onto the updates:

Black Friday Deals:

Were running some specials on in stock items for Black Friday. Check them out! Deals run Friday at 12 am EDT till Monday at 11:59 pm EDT, while supplies last! 

  • Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $15 use code BFCM at checkout
  • GMK Terminal Base $169
  • GMK Terminal Spacebar kit $20
  • Terminal Deskmats $15
  • AE Spacebars $10
  • 7u Drifter Spacebars $2.50
  • MX Black PCBs for Harvest $15


Off to a good start! 

GMK DMG 2 weeks in to the buy. Numbers look pretty good! I think we need a big push to get us to the finish line. Im willing to buy up to 50 sets to hit MOQ, which is 250. Here are the numbers (Includes Proxies):

  • Base 77/250
  • Spacebars 40/100
  • Pocket Kit 18/100 (needs help)

GMK Terminal:

90% shipped, some stock remaining.

90% of the orders have shipped. The only ones that have not are orders containing a sleeve. I will happily ship your order immediatley and ship the sleeve when it arrives, just pay shipping on the sleeve. My estimate is about $4 on that. Just drop a line to and please include your order number. We do still have limited inventory of GMK Terminal kits, so if you missed out, now is the time to get one! 

TKC1800 Mini-Buy:

Expected to ship Mid-December 2018

The latest is the plate factory has to remake my order. Theyre telling me early December. I would say a safe bet is mid December based on my previous experience in dealing with orders from Asia this time of year. We have some cool packaging lined up to ship the kits in, but that factory has been slower than any Ive ever dealt with, and with ocean freight being super slow, I am likely going to ship the TKC1800s without the new packaging. Its a bummer but I think you guys would rather have your keyboards than a fancy box, amrite?


GB to start in January 2019

We are awaiting new prototypes for the CandyBar project. We made some major design changes to the PCB (none that affect the layout) and we want to test before we go live. Based on the speed of China lately, Id say a safe bet is early 2019. I know, it sucks, I wanted it yesterday! But I dont want to ship junk, I want it to be right. 


GB to start right after Candybar

M0LLY is all lined up. We built a secondary PCB for the case to make good use of the room inside. We are awaiting the prototype for that and it will ship with the Candybar prototypes. I plan to launch M0LLY right after Candybar. 

SA Classic Space:

Color chip samples en route from Keyreative

We have been waiting patiently on Keyreative for samples for Classic Space as well as Sanctuary Rebirth. Keyreative is catching up on their queue and we should see some progress moving on these projects soon! 


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