We’re migrating to a new support system

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Important note: Please be advised that our Customer Support team is experiencing a high-level of backlog as we transition from our old support system to our new one.

Why the change?

Our old support system was unable to support folks who are asking questions on our social media platforms such as Instagram.  Although our Social Media team is responsive, they do not have access to customer order information to support incoming inquiries.

We will make a new announcement once everything has transitioned over, but for now, please continue submitting tickets via our Contact Us page with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email you can be reached at
  • TKC order number
  • Description of the issue

What to expect during this period

Please allow up to 5 business days for a response as we are working through cases as soon as we are able to.  We are a small team, and we’re working hard to migrate over to the new support system.

Where can I get support and answers?

If you have an inquiry that is not TKC order specific, we may have some resources readily available:

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Check out our FAQ page for questions we have some answers for!
  • Updates:  If you participated in a Group Buy, all updates are on the Updates page
  • Discord Community: Want to talk about a product you own? Join our Discord community and ask other members of the community about our switches, keyboards, and deskmats!

When will the transition be complete?

We are estimated to have this transition complete by early next week, however sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances. Once the transition is complete, we will publish another blog and communicate it with the community to keep everyone in the loop.

Again, thank-you so much for your support and patience as we’re working hard behind the scenes!  We are really excited to move forward with a new system to help better serve our community with the utmost customer care, and to capture more questions across our platform.

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