Welcome to Kiwi Kuesday

Welcome to Kiwi Kuesday

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Hope all of you are enjoying the summer! Last month we released a fresh batch of Tangies, and to end summer with a bang, we wanted to serve up the debut round of Kiwi Switches!

Here’s what you need to know.

What are Kiwi Switches?

The Kiwi Switches are the newest member of the Fruit Switch Family, joining our community fave Tangerine Switches. They are:

  • 67g Tactile with a T1 stem
  • Lightly factory lubed
  • Translucent bright green with N9 Grey stem
  • Proprietary C³Equalz top housing design (same as Tangerine Switches)
  • Gold-plated internals

When is Kiwi Kuesday?

If you guessed that it’s gonna be on a Tuesday, you’re right.

Kiwi Kuesday is Tuesday, August 25th

You were sayin’ it, and we listened: We are going to be opening up two time slots for Kiwi Switches.  We know EU customers are struggling to wake up at 2AM, 4AM, so we’re making it easier for the global community.

  • Daytime Drop: 3PM Eastern / 12PM Pacific / 8PM UK
  • Nighttime Drop: 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific / 2AM UK

Please DO NOT participate in both drops. If you order in both time slots, your orders will be canceled, and you will not receive any Kiwi Switches. 

Kiwis will be sold in pre-packed bundles

Some of you may be used to the Tangies being sold in units of 10, and by doing this it’s slowed fulfillment as the counting and sorting is done in-house at our fulfillment center.

EDIT: To ease the load on fulfillment, we are selling Kiwis in bundles of 30, to a limit of 4 bundles: 120 switches. We are selling pre-packed bundles of 50, 70, 90, and 110. You are limited to ONE bundle.

You are limited to FOUR bundles, a total of 120 switches.

Why the change?

We wanted inventory management to be more streamlined behind the scenes. Initially we decided on 60/120, but decided to bundle units in 30 switches each, as three bundles will hit 90, which can cover popular 65/67/68 key layouts along with TKLs.  We hope that the decision we've come to as a team will help.

Orders will ship as soon as they are able

There will be a high volume of orders. Please be aware that our fulfillment center is trying their best through Covid practices and keeping their staff safe.

Note that Kiwi Switch only orders will be fulfilled first.  If you add other in-stock items, they will be the last to ship. You cannot order Kiwis with Group Buy items. Keep this in mind if your goals are to have them sooner than later.

We are asking customers to wait up to 2-3 weeks for fulfillment before contacting Customer Service.

We’d like to address the ongoing fulfillment errors that were observed with Tangie Tuesday: There was an unexpected software bug between Shopify and our shipping database.  There were approximately 700 orders affected.  It was not communicated to us by Shopify that they were making this change, and we are investigating this at the time of writing this blog.  We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused, and it is not up to TKC standards.  This was an anomaly. 

At this time, we have not heard of any scheduled maintenance from Shopify, and expect no issues.

Let’s talk about Customer Service

If you order Kiwi Switches, there will be no cancellation or merge order requests.  Please do not email our Customer Service on updates for your shipments.  Our CS Manager updates our Discord server with daily updates on fulfillment, please join our Discord server if you are interested in learning about these updates.

Yes, Kiwis will be packed in containers

The tubs that the Tangies are packed in will also be packed in the same packaging with a special Kiwi art sticker.

When is ________ coming out / being restocked / releasing / etc?

For those looking for Tangie restock, switch opener restock, Switch Swirl extras,  Dragonfruit, more keyboards, or literally anything other than Kiwi Switches please be patient.  This is the Kiwi announcement.  Substantial product releases will also get their own announcement.  When we know more information, we will let the community know.


What our friends are saying about Kiwi Switches

We sent out some samples of Kiwi Switches to Alexotos, MaxF, and BadSeedTech. Here’s what they’ve said about them:

“A snappy tactile switch with a great sound profile. The switches feel great stock, lubed and lubed + filmed. Oh and they are emerald green and who doesn't like that?“ —Alexotos

"For fans of a tactile typing experience look no further.  The kiwi is smooth as butter and has a great sound.  It has a larger bump to it, similar to the Holy Panda, T1 and Zealio V2.  If that's your thing, you're sure to enjoy it!.” —MaxF
"These feel consistent, super smooth, with no hint of ping or spring grind and a great sound profile. Traditionally, I have little faith in factory lube but I've been proven wrong here. The Kiwi is one of very few switches I haven't felt the need to immediately mod." —BadSeed Tech

PHOTOS BY: Alexotos (Thank you!)

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