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We're giving away an 808-Boom Bass Kit

No better time than now to launch an 808-Boom Bass Kit giveaway, since it's August 8th! (8/08, get it?)

We made it super easy to enter: We're hosting it on Gleam, and it's not mandatory to follow us, or retweet any messaging.  We want to hear from you: 

Given how much the hobby has grown, what are you looking forward to next?

Feel free to enter using your email, or other popular forms of social media such as Discord, Google, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can also get more entries by joining the Clack Fancy and/or TKC Discord servers, visiting the Children's Music Fund website, following TKC on Twitter, or making your own post anywhere you'd like to bring awareness to the Children's Music Fund.

We'll be announcing the winner at Clack Fancy.

Why the Children's Music Fund?

We're partnering with Children's Music Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing music therapy for children affected by chronic conditions or life-altering illnesses in order to help them on their journey towards a better quality of life. 100% of designer profits, $10 from each Bass Kit sale, and a portion of sales from every additional item sold will go directly to the Children's Music Fund.

What's Clack Fancy?

In times of Covid we've had to be creative with meeting up as a community.  Langelandia and co. are hosting a virtual meetup and have created a Discord server to do that!

The goal of this server is to bring Mechanical Keyboard folks together in lieu of traditional in-person meetups due to the pandemic. We know that people are potentially feeling lonely and also disappointed they can't see their friends or share their keyboard builds so we wanted to create a place for them to do that in a more formal setting. The first event is scheduled for August 12th at 8pm Central Time (6pm Pacific | 9 PM Eastern). We plan to schedule more events just like this one - likely every other month if we can sustain it. There will be giveaways, planned segments with speakers shared on Twitch, a Q&A portion for anyone who wants, and even karao-key if you should choose to sing your heart out

Good luck to all!

Good luck to everyone, and thank you so much for supporting the Children's Music Fund with us!  Giveaway is below.


808-Boom Bass Kit Giveaway!