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Winter's VIDEO GAME themed media winners!

It's been a crazy month already and we are only weeks into 2021!

The TKC Team hopes all of you had a restful holiday and that the New Year is treating you and yours with the warmest of joy.

We extended the November Media Challenge into December, as we were waiting on a few more things to arrive, but as some of you may know Saint Key arrived on December 44th with some of the goodies we were waiting on! Regardless, things are moving along as best as they can and we're really excited to share this incredible lineup of winners.

Top winners

These winners each won a $50 TKC gift card, and access to our holdback stock including Infinikey and GMK keysets, and some of our most coveted switches.

Congratulations, we loved your creativity and execution!


 Keebs with Sheebs



Each of these winners won a $25 TKC gift card, you can tell how hard it was to pick!  We love the creativity of the community but mostly we are just happy to see all of you having FUN with your keyboards.  (That's why we're all here, right?)



Stay tuned!

We'll put together the next media challenge soon, and we're excited to provide top winners access to some of our coveted items and TKC gift cards!  Until then.