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TKC1800 Delay. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Hey everyone. From the talk around the forums, sounds like everyone is anxiously awaiting the TKC1800. No one wants this to happen more than me. Ive sunk thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into this project. Once these PCBs arrive, we can get the orders going. I might even open ordering as soon as I have a signed PO and confirmed ship date from the new factory.  The Ugly: So heres what happened. I placed an order for the PCBs though a contact in China. The manufacturer said they had started production, but never sent an invoice. They have since stopped responding to me and to my contact. We were supposed to have these done and shipped prior to Chinese...

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Bitpay application pending - should be live 2018/01/07

Hey everyone. I apologize if you've attempted to pay with Bitcoin through Bitpay. I set up the payment portal but I need some verification documents to be approved prior to being able to accept payments over $100. The documents have been sent and the approval should take 48 hours. I hope by Jan 7 we should be up and running. Again, my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Check back soon!

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It's time for us to sit in a circle and have a serious discussion.

Hey all. Firstly, welcome to the revamped TKC website! Thank you for visiting, for the support since we started this company, and thanks for all the words of encouragement and especially the constructive criticisms. We'll get right to the point - GMK >Terminal_ is 98.8% fulfilled. There are some outliers that we still are missing information such as international destination phone numbers or addresses that have failed validation, but that can (and will) be rectified soon with your help providing the missing/correct information. What we're here to talk about today is those who did not receive their order. We truly apologize if you're one of the few that were excited enough about >Terminal_ to order it, and then came up...

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>Terminal_ update June 2017

Bags were packed, accessories sorted, and plane tickets booked. Have you ever built your own computer? There's an unwritten rule that you never completely close your PC's case until you first verify that everything works - otherwise there is something guaranteed to need fixing. Similar to that, we received this email from GMK the middle of last week: We've worked tirelessly over the past week with GMK to see if we could expedite sorting, but it is what it is. Fortunately, we have confirmation from GMK that as of this past Monday, >Terminal_ has shipped from Germany. While we did originally estimate mid-June for everyone, we also got a bit excited when notifying customers that Jason would fly into California and...

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GMK >Terminal_ Shipping Update

Hey everyone! Jason (u/M1keHonch0) here. Sorry for the delay in the update; its been a crazy month for Brian (u/unclebrudy) and I. We got news about the production from GMK on Thursday afternoon just as we were preparing the IC for GMK Transformed. If you haven't seen the post on Reddit, click the link and check it out. Let us know what you think! For anyone who missed the group buy period, we have ordered a few extra sets of GMK >Terminal_, spacebars, and N9 ErogoDOX sets. They are available at preorder price on our site while supplies last. They will ship the same weekend as the group buy orders. Sorry, cables are no longer available for order from TheKey.Company. The Good News: Terminal...

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