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🎶 On the twelfth day of Christmas TKC brings to you: 🎶

TKC1800: $50 off

Candybars and Portico68 bundles: discounted

Portico75 Clear, Lavender and Smoke: $10 off all barebones and bundles

Lubricant and Stabilizer Grease: 50% off

84ct Tangerine packs: 30% off

Black & White keysets: 50% off

Accessory bundle: $15 off

Plushies: $5.00 off 

Deskmats: buy 2, get 1 FREE

Stabilizers: discounted, both V2 and V3 colors

Braided Cables: 25% off, and

Banana Splits: discounted, orders will include a free Equalz switch films

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