Future Funk 2020 deskmat
Future Funk disco deskmat
Future Funk Deskmat
Future Funk Deskmat
Future Funk Deskmat
Future Funk Deskmat
Future Funk Deskmat
Future Funk 2020 deskmat featuring hiragana keys
Future Funk Deskmat
Future Funk Deskmat
Future Funk Deskmat

Future Funk Deskmat


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Closing Date: Feb 29, 2020

📅 January 6, 2021Deskmats have shipped to customers who ordered only the deskmat and not the Future Funk keyset. Orders containing both the keyset and deskmat will ship when the keyset is done production. Deskmat extras will not be released until after all Future Funk keyset orders have been fulfilled.

📅 Update August 26, 2020  — Future Funk deskmats have started shipping.  If you ordered other items, you will need to wait for the other GB items to complete.

📅 Update August 2, 2020  — As of today, it appears the shipment is in NY port and should start moving to MI soon. Please do not get in touch with our collaborators and artists about Deskmats as they do not have additional information.

📅 Update July 17, 2020  — We were expecting this batch of mats to arrive this month, but due to shipment delays, we are now estimating them to arrive early to mid August. We appreciate your patience as we are all enduring these unexpected delays and waits due to COVID. It's definitely not ideal, and all of us at TKC want to provide these GB products in a timely basis as much as the community does.

📅 Update June 11, 2020 — Due to COVID delays in production and shipping, a large batch of our deskmats has been delayed to mid-July.  We will update the fulfillment date as we know more specifics in transit.

📅 Update May 21, 2020 — Currently on schedule for fulfillment. There will be extras.  Stay tuned for the announcement on our social channels!

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A deskmat to go with your GMK Future Funk keyset. Two versions available!

  • Future Funk 2020 edition – illustrated by 나무13
  • Disco edition – designed by kema
  • Stitched edges.
  • 3mm thick.
  • High quality printing process.
  • Same factory used by Novelkeys and Massdrop.
  • Note: the FF2020 edition is a bit shorter than our usual 900 x 400mm deskmats due to the artwork dimensions.


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Product Status
  1. Group Buy Closed Feb 2020
  2. In Production
  3. In Transit to TKC
  4. Shipping to Customers Estimated
  5. Extras Soon