DSA Magic Girl Keysets
DSA Magic Girl Keysets
DSA Magic Girl Keysets
DSA Magic Girl Keysets
DSA Magic Girl Keysets
DSA Magic Girl Keysets
DSA Magic Girl Keysets
DSA Magic Girl Keysets

DSA Magic Girl Keysets

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This group buy has closed.

Closing Date: Jul 25, 2019

Expected Ship Date: Jan 2020

Update Jan 30, 2020 Raffle to buy extras is open until today at 9pm ET.

Update Jan 7, 2020 It's on the way! Please update your address by Jan 13, 2020.

Update Dec 2, 2019 Spoke to the factory last week. They promised me first week of December, here we are. I dont have an explanation yet as to why they have not yet shipped. I should have a new update (or a hopefully a tracking number) by the end of this week. These will be shipped via DHL 2 day air, so the second they are ready they've been instructed to get these on a plane. Every other part of the GB is in house.  Will update again as info is available. 

Update Sept 27, 2019 Keyreative took longer than expected to get the colors matched and approved. We have just now got our invoice from them. Paying it today, production will start. I set a conservative delivery date, I will update once confirmed with the factory. 

The numbers below represent the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). They are the minimum number of sets required for production. This product is not limited.

12 ordered out of 200 required
4 ordered out of 200 required
7 ordered out of 100 required
3 ordered out of 80 required
40 / Ortho
20 ordered out of 80 required
Color Swap
10 ordered out of 100 required
7 ordered out of 80 required
0 ordered out of 80 required

A throwback to iconic anime of the 90s, transform your keyboard from school girl to cool girl. ✧(ꈍᴗꈍ)✧

Product Details

Think back to your favorite cherry blossom watching (花見 hanami) episodes when you fill your board with PBT dye sublimated caps in pastel pinks, mints, and a touch of light yellow.

Brought to you by the same factory which produced the legendary DSA Drifter, Keyreative is known for their unique Reverse PBT DyeSub methodology, producing vibrant color combinations otherwise impossible.

  • Manufactured in China by Keyreative.
  • DSA Profile.
  • PBT Plastic - Thick walls, no shine, slight texture.
  • Dye Sublimation - Legends won't fade over time.


  • Sale will remain open until end of buy, July 25th, 2019 12AM EST.
  • Keycaps will then go into production.
  • Estimated fulfillment date November 1, 2019.



  • All orders over $50 will ship in a custom Magic Girl Gift Box.
  • All orders include (1) Magic Girl Sticker & (1) TKC sticker.

Pantone Colors

While we've done our best to present renders and mock-ups closest to the final product, please consider various calibration across different screens. These are the Pantone Coated Colors used in the set for your reference. 



Set includes all of the alpha and number row keys as well as 6.25u spacebar. Start with this kit and add what you need! 

TKL / 60

TKL Kit covers the modifier keys on tenkeyless boards, the popular 60% layout, and HHKB. (Does NOT come with 6u spacebar, HHKB users!)

If you're outfitting a full size 104 key board you will need this kit along with alphas and numpad.


Fills out the numpad section of the board for all you number crunchers! (.JSON included) 

If you're outfitting a full size 104 key board you will need this kit along with alphas and TKL.


Fun novelty set to add even more fun to your Magic Girl build! Pick this up in combination with other kits, or grab it on its own to make fun combinations on a macropad. Includes (18) 1u keycaps.

40s / Ortho

For all your Planck and 40% needs, add this to your alphas purchase and you're in business! Includes 1u, 2u, 2.25u, and 2.75u spacebars. Note: spacebars are NOT convex.

Candybar will require Alphas, 40s, & Numpad.

Color Swap 60

Color swap kit allows you to have uniform color throughout your modifier section. Include this in your collection to bring even more layout options to your board!


We didn't forget about you ErgoDox folks! Here it is, add this to the alphas kit and hit the ground running!


Didn't reach the MoQ and wasn't produced.