DSA Magic Girl Artisan Brass Keycap
DSA Magic Girl Artisan Brass Keycap
DSA Magic Girl Artisan Brass Keycap
DSA Magic Girl Artisan Brass Keycap
DSA Magic Girl Artisan Brass Keycap

DSA Magic Girl Artisan Brass Keycap

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Closing Date: Jul 25, 2019

Expected Ship Date: Jan 2020

Update Dec 2, 2019 These are in house waiting to ship with the keysets. I will go through orders this week and ship out any that were ordered on their own. Thank you for your patience and support! 

Update Sept 27, 2019 Salvun let me know these are almost completed. GIft boxes are en route. I will do my best to separate out orders that did not have associated keyset orders and get them out as soon as I get them..

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Manufactured in Belgium from scratch by Salvun from a solid slab of Brass. The Magic Girl Icon designed by Mintlodica was carefully etched into the brass with multiple passes by a CO2 laser etcher.

To ensure this lil piece of Art(isan) and it’s polish stay protected through the years an Oven Cured Clear Cerakote will be applied.

This artisan was created as a piece of limited edition art and is to be expected to be treated as such.

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Product Details

  • Handmade in Belgium by @salvun.
  • DSA Profile, 1u Size.
  • Solid Brass.
  • Clear Ceramic Protective Coating (Cerakote).
  • Laser engraved legends.
  • 2 Designs Available. 
  • Buy one cap for $65, buy 2 get 20% off (2 for $117).


  • Sale will remain open until end of buy, July 25th, 2019 12AM EST.
  • Keycaps will then go into production.
  • Estimated fulfillment date November 1, 2019.


  • Artisan brass keycaps will ship in a mini-Magic Circle box!

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