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DSA Scientific
DSA Scientific
DSA Scientific
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DSA Scientific
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DSA Scientific
DSA Scientific
DSA Scientific

DSA Scientific

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These extras are EXTREMELY LIMITED so get them while you can! Once they're gone, they're gone forever. These extras ship immediately. 

Inspired by the classic TI-30Xa calculator, we are pleased to present DSA Scientific. This uniform profile keyset offers staggering compatibility, a stunning palette of colors, all with a nostalgic twist. 

Product Details

  • Pantone® 7476 C (accent)
  • GTD, GB and YCB (alphas and modifiers)



    MOQ 200 | Price $45

    DSA Scientific Alphas

    Base alphas kit required for all keyboards (except number pads)


    • Homing barred F & J keys
    • 1u ‘\’ key for various 60~75% boards (Tokyo60, WhiteFox, etc.)
    • 6.25u spacebar

    TKL & Specialty

    MOQ 150 | Price $75

    DSA Scientific TKL & Specialties

    Covers tenkeyless and specialty keyboards


    • 60%, tenkeyless and winkeyless modifiers
    • Compatibility for various bottom rows
    • 1.75u Shift, Control and offset Caps Lock keys
    • 1.5u 2nd and Clear (compatible with Vortex Race 3)
    • Homing barred down-arrow
    • Includes a small colour pack
    • 7u spacebar

    Ortho + 40% 

    MOQ 100 | Price $55

    DSA Scientific 40 & Ortho

    Covers most orthogonal and 40% keyboards


    • Ortho: Modifiers for Planck/Preonic, Atreus and more
    • 40%: Modifiers for CandyBar, Vortex Core, Minivan, JD40, Sebright, AMJ40 and many more
    • Homing barred down-arrow
    • Includes many coloured keys and alternates
    • 2.75u, 2.25u, 2u & 1.75u spacebars


    MOQ 75 | Price $35

    DSA Scientific Numpad

    Covers most number pads


    • Compatible with various number pads, including the Ducky Pocket
    • Homing dotted 5 key
    • Includes extra Calc & 2nd keys


    MOQ 150 | Price $30

    DSA Scientific Novelties

    Must-have add-on kit for all keyboards


    • Mathematical constants: π (pi), e, φ (the Golden ratio)
    • Physical constant: ħ (h-bar, the reduced Planck constant)
    • Trigonometry functions: hyp, sin, cos, tan
    • Coloured 1.25u novelty modifiers for various keyboards


    MOQ 25 | Price $25

    DSA Scientific ISO

    Provides UK layout compatibility


    • Coloured ISO Enter keys 
    • Dark 1u ‘`’ and ‘\’ for symmetrical layouts
    • 1.25u Shift & Alt Graph keys


    MOQ 15 | Price $20

    DSA Scientific NorDe

    ISO add-on to cover Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian and Swedish layouts


    • Dual symbol legends


    MOQ 15 | Price $5 

    DSA Scientific Colevrak

    For Dvorak & Colemak layouts


    • Homing barred H U N T keys