MX Blacks ready for harvest



We don't have time to desolder these - so we're selling them off on the cheap! These PCBs are out of reclaimed G80-1800 keyboards. Each PCB contains 104 MX Blacks and 1 MX Linear grey. The switches have an extra in-switch wire so if you plan to use LEDs you'll have to open them up to remove it. Heck, you'll want to open them up anyway to throw down some lube and do like /u/unclebrudy and put in some 130g springs! This is a VERY affordable option for getting some sweet MX Blacks! 

The G80-1800s these were harvested from had USB cables on them, so therefore these are not considered "vintage blacks". They are, however, well worn stems so they're buttery smooth. We recommend opening them up, cleaning the stems and housing, lubing and replacing the springs for the best feels.  

  • Linear
  • Actuation force ~60g (used so may vary)
  • 104 Cherry MX Blacks
  • 1 Cherry MX Linear Grey
  • PCB mount
  • May have some stabilizers on the PCB, no guarantees. 
  • Functionality of stabs is NOT warrantied in any way. Some may be brittle. 
  • Non-working PCB, for parts only
  • Some switches are smoother than others. Recommend you clean and lube

*/u/unclebrudy 130g springs not included

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Type: Cherry MX Switches

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