GMK LedZep


 Thats a wrap! LedZep has left the building! Sold out. Thank you to everyone who supported this project and helped make it a reality! 

Domestic orders 95% shipped. International orders ship Tuesday.  

03/29/2018: Uploaded a photo of the HWS goodness! Order from GMK is en route from Germany, currently in Illinois. Set to be delivered to TKC HQ on Friday, March 30. Myself and u/Arion will be fulfilling orders all day and dropping them off at the post on Saturday morning. Some packages wont ship until Monday. 

03/09/2018: First photos from GMK have been added! Banderole is set to be delivered to GMK on Monday. They will complete sorting and ship it to our warehouse no later than 03/16/2018. The photos look a tad over exposed, please see the color chip I uploaded to demonstrate the beige on the alphas. I feel it was washed out when they took the photo. 

02/28/2018: GMK Confirmed that production is complete! They are currently sorting the sets and waiting on the banderoles from the printing company. They told me mid-March delivery. Will ship immediately. 

01/11/2018: Waiting on new color samples from GMK since November. Manufacturing delayed by at least 2 months. We apologize for the delay, its out of our hands and we had to get the colors just right! New estimated fulfillment date is March 2018.

10/23/2017: GMK Order placed and Paid in Full! 

09/15/17: Alternative Spacebar Kit added! 

August 12, 1968 - Led Zeppelin's first rehearsal

August 12, 2017 - GMK LedZep announcement

  • Group buy is complete!
  • Limited preorders are available now. Once extras are gone, ordering will be automatically disabled. Preorders will ship after GB orders, but very likely on the same day as we are bosses like that.
  • Manufactured by GMK
  • You may only purchase GMK LedZep and/or GMK LedZep accessories exclusively on their own transaction. If you add non-GMK LedZep items to your cart on the same transaction, your purchase will be refunded and we will remind you that we wrote this here. #JustGBthings please.
  • Created by the one and only /u/thesiscamper
  • Keycap configuration based on The TKC Layout - unmatched coverage for most of your favorite board layouts: ANSI • US-ISO • Winkeyless • 1800 • 65%/75%/96-key • FC660 • Minivan • JD40/45 • Planck/Preonic • Minorca • HHKB • Atreus/62 • more
  • Payment will be sent to GMK upon GB close 09/26/17
  • Estimated fulfillment DELAYED New Est March 2018
  • For the sake of your order's safe shipment and arrival, phone numbers are now required. You may read our privacy policy if you have concerns, but trust that we never sell or share your information and require your phone number in case of shipping mishaps, especially international. We will only use it as a last resort if we cannot reach you via email or PM.
  • HungerWorksStudio incoming transmission: the first base kit purchase and every 20th thereafter will receive an amazing HWS artisan! Yessss!



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