TKC1800 Raffle Entry


Congratulations u/bbaik who coincidentally is celebrating his birthday today!

Video of the drawing

Thank you to everyone who entered! Will update again soon when I hand over the proceeds to the Chief. 

EDIT 1/25/19 - Over 350 entries sold! WOWOWOWOWOW If we exceed 500 entries I will offer a second place raffle prize of a GMK Terminal R2 Base kit (first place winner can choose which prize they want) Portion of the proceeds to go to a local charity supporting government and military employees during shut down. Thank you to all who have entered! 

EDIT: You guys are blowing me away. The generosity of this community is unbelievable. Thank you to all who have participated so far! You guys are the best! 

Hi everyone. 

I want to run a raffle to help a dear friend of mine. 

This friend has been my best pal since 1998. He is a Chief in the United States Coast Guard. As you know, the government is shut down and has been for some time. I wont get into politics but Im not exactly happy about is, as many of you Im sure are. Because of this, The Chief has not had a paycheck in almost 6 weeks. 

The Chief has also just informed me that the renters in his last place just moved out without notice. So he is left driving across country to clear out the place and find new renters, as well as paying 2 mortgages. 

To give an idea the level altruistic nature of this guy Ill share a story: In Decemeber my entire household got Noro virus as a party gift from my side of the family. We coined the term "Vomageddon 2018". The Chief came to my house with no warning and left a care package of ginger ale (a midwest cure all), saltine crackers, pedialyte, and balloons. The Chief is without a doubt one of the most caring and selfless people I have ever been lucky enough to be friends with.

This man has dedicated his life to saving lives and keeping our borders safe. Lets help him out!

I want to pay it forward and offer an excellent opportunity for the community. I am raffling off an unreleased TKC1800 color with a one of a kind USCG diffuser and brass plate. This is a full kit. Shipping is on me. 

The rules:

  • Buy as many entries as you want. More entries: More chances to win.
  • Raffle remains open for one week. Closes Jan 29, 2019.
  • Winner will be drawn on Jan 30, 2019.
  • Prize is a Sakhir Orange TKC1800 full kit. A stock. \
  • One of a kind USCG diffuser sticker (will also include stock so you can install whichever you choose)
  • Shipping to the winner is paid for.
  • Goal: Id like to raise as much as possible, aiming for $1000 or so to get him at least one mortgage payment.

How to enter: Just purchase this product. You can buy as many as you like. Each entry purchased will become a raffle ticket and I will have my daughter pick a ticket from a bucket and post the video on YouTube. 

If you wish to donate directly but do not wish to enter, just purchase this product in whatever increment you like and drop me an email saying you dont want to be in the raffle. Easy Peasy. 

Thank you all for reading. I really hope I can pay back my friend for all the times he has been there for me. I cant wait to present the winner with this shiny new TKC1800!

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